Heart of Oak


We return to port after our little impromptu “exercise”

  • Thor and the gang heads off to ask Bar Sinister about upcoming events
    • No official events upcoming, but there is a going away party for us in a fortnight
    • Hasn’t heard of Baron van den Verberne throwing a party in quite some time
    • Doesn’t know of many non-official parties going on
    • Thor asks Bar Sinister’s secretary, after he leaves
      • There are parties going on all the time
      • Spanish shipping magnate is having a party tonight, and they usually have wild ones
  • We then head off to Von Kleist and are directed to the garden
    • After a few minutes, the Baroness appears
    • She provides some information
      • She’s never been to a party hosted by Van den Verberne
      • She’s heard that Charles junior is staying in the vicinity, but has never seen him
      • Suggests that we attend the party at the French embassy, that Kerry will likely be there
      • Mentions that Kerry is a good looking man, but drinks too much and gambles very poorly
      • Draws attention to the excellent exchange rate we got on Kerry’s IOU
        • It seems that someone is interested in collecting IOU’s from Kerry
      • She takes Reginald out for a horse ride, proves her riding prowess and playfully mocks Reginald’s lack of skill
    • We decide to try getting into Kerry’s room while he’s out at drinking at the French party

At the hotel Ij

  • We leave a message for Kerry, “Meet me at the restaurant tomorrow -V”
  • Most of us hang out in the bar, while Reginald reads a French newspaper in the lounge
    • There are stories in the paper about Napolean’s liberation of Egypt
  • Max heads up to scout out room 301, wherein Kerry is lodging
    • The room is locked
    • Reginald grabs Samuel the blacksmith, who can pick locks, and dresses him in Eoghan’s civilian clothes
  • Samuel easily opens the room door; Thor and Jorgen enter and being searching
    • Thor finds a leather sack with 500 gold guineas
    • Jorgen finds a bottle of wine under some towels in the bathroom
      • Looks like a French wine with an old date
      • Thor determines it’s from a region famous for wine
    • The table is a mess of papers, inks & quills
      • Much related to administering his land
      • A couple addresses for Rotterdam, which Thor copies down
    • Everything is placed back where it was and the door is locked upon departure

Preparing for our trip to Rotterdam

  • We stop off at a book seller to pick up a map of Rotterdam
    • Jorgen inquires about C of A, and the store owner believes it may be the Count of Albany
      • Count of Albany is a pseudonym used by the Young Pretender (Bonnie Prince Charlie)
  • We hire a coach to take us to Rotterdam
    • We approach the first address, the one nearest the port
      • It’s the far end of the ports where the ship building takes place: Yarl’s Ship Building
      • We head to the yard gate
      • The ship hull is built really light and there’s no way to mount and fire broadside guns
    • We approach the slip where this ship is being built and are greeted by the foreman
      • This is the “fastest ship in the world” that they’re building
    • Jorgen notices a young, well-dressed, effeminate-looking man with a sword and musket
      • Appears to be Le Chevalier, who turns around and leaves immediately upon noticing us
    • Jorgen tries to get to Le Chevalier, but the foreman forces us all to leave… “no tours”
    • A few of us hike next door and try to peer through the fence into the shipyard
      • Appears that Le Chevalier is speaking with the foreman
      • Eventually, Le Chevalier notices us and tells us to leave
  • Our driver takes us to a quaint roadside inn

The next morning, we head off to the other address

  • The house is an expensively made, beautifully maintained country-style house
  • We have the carriage move out of sight of the house as Max heads out for reconnaissance
    • The shed contains some equipment but no horses
    • The house appears to be empty and no one answers Max’s knocking on the door
    • The garden is maintained, so someone has been here recently
  • Max calls the rest of us over
    • There seems to be no way into the house without breaking a window or door
    • Max breaks down the door
    • Thor searches for evidence of who may live here
      • Finds 50 gold guineas
      • A fancy musketoon with 1-inch ball ammo, which Thor takes
      • In a wicker basket lies a geared mechanical device with a handle and multiple settings, seems to attach to something else
      • There are a number of papers and maps in Dutch
    • At about this time, our driver is totally freaked out and starts taking off with the carriage
      • Jorgen runs after, jumps on the carriage and tries to stop him
      • Jorgen notices colorful uniformed individuals walking through the nearby woods
  • We are surrounded by at least 40 French musketeers
    • They believe that we’re Baron van den Verberne and want us to surrender
    • We plan to fight our way through for our escape
    • Upon exiting the house, volleys of lead begin raining upon us
      • Max takes a couple of nasty hits, one of which tears into an artery
      • Reg is also shot, stabbed, dazed and generally looking like hell after a few minutes
    • We eventually take out the Frenchies in our immediate threat zone and retreat into the woods
    • Plan is to head through the woods to a farmhouse a couple properties down and attempt to get back to town
      • Assumption is that the French soldiers would not want to create a scene in town



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