Heart of Oak


Continuing our efforts to chase the Frenchies in reverse…

  • We stumble through the woods at our maximum speed
    • The musket fire is fairly heavy, but becomes sporadic after a short time
    • We no longer hear the French voices and can no longer see anyone chasing us
    • Jorgen takes a moment to watch for the French, it seems that they’re no longer following us
  • We come to a small hamlet with farm fields, south of Rotterdam
    • We seem to be heading west and need to get north and probably a bit east
  • We exit the woods and enter the hamlet, heading over to where Jorgen saw the horses being put away
  • We speak with a local man who has his son drive us in a cart to Rotterdam
    • The trip is uneventful
    • We arrive at the same roadside inn where we stayed last night
    • We enjoy food and drink at the inn, generally relax and enjoy the evening
    • The innkeeper’s wife cleans and mends our clothes

After an uneventful night, we inquire about hiring transportation back to Antwerp

  • We decide to stay a bit longer
  • We review the paperwork and mechanical device, taken from the house
    • Turning the protruding key turns the gears and affects the dials and such
    • There appear to be Greek letters on the device and we find what appears to be matching letters in some of the papers
    • We decide to try translating the document that relates to the device
      • We can’t find many of the words in Jorgen’s dictionary
      • The sentences that we produce are incomprehensible to us
      • Jorgen has a hunch that the Greek letters on the device relate to months
  • Thor and Reginald head into Rotterdam to find a bookstore
    • The driver waits while we shop for books
    • We find dictionaries for translating to English from Dutch, and both modern and ancient Greek
  • Back at the inn, we notice that the alphabet on the device more closely matches the ancient Greek
    • We cannot find the actual words (or letter combinations) in the dictionary
    • The words adjacent to the ancient Greek are in an unknown language
  • We hire the cab yet again and head to the university to try to find a translator for the partially Greek table in the document
    • We find the college of language and seek a translator, but it’s empty
  • We find the library and eventually find a student to help us
    • Left hand side of table is ancient Greek – Egyptian months in Greek
    • Right hand side looks “odd” and he begins researching in a book
      • Thoth, Befooy, Athur, etc., which is the months in Egyptian, and it seems to be ancient Egyptian
    • The rest of the page is translated into instructions for use of some mechanical device
      • Set specific months, and it opens some door
      • This document appears to be a segment from the middle of a larger document
    • The documentation appears to be a diary from Baron van den Verberne
      • Baron was working with French to produce a coup in England to overthrow our king and install Charlie
      • Plot involves Irish units, which would leave France and start trouble, get the Catholics behind him
      • Built a very fast ship to get Charlie in place very quickly once the insurrection started
      • Baron had support from French but also from Marquis Francois Bluche
      • Baron was assisted by Marquis in kicking off the plot by exchanging his influence for a mechanical device (the “key”)
        • Baron learned true value of the Key and double crossed the Marquis
      • Key is to be used at the white temple ziggurat at Giza
        • Instructions for how to get there, which side of the temple, how to set the dials, untold fortunes to be had
  • We decide to depart for Antwerp tonight
    • Plan is to return to Plymouth and inform our government, then take our ship to Egypt
    • Our first night is uneventful

We resume our journey

  • We arrive by evening at our ship
  • We inform John Drake that we must get under way immediately
    • We send a messenger to Bar Sinister explaining that an urgent matter requires us to depart early
  • We begin moving out
  • Thor begins documenting our mission for our government
    • Mentions that we obtained this incriminating diary and discovered the ship, still under construction
    • Jorgen begins copying the diary, leaving out any mention of the mechanical device

We arrive in Plymouth after an uneventful trip

  • Many people wonder why we’re back so early
  • Commodore John Fleming sends us a message to meet immediately at HQ
    • We decide to be truthful about the device and to hand it over
    • We want to be part of the expedition to Giza, if there is one
  • We meet with the Commodore
    • He seems cross and asks why we left Antwerp early
    • We explain the situation, answer some questions
    • Fleming tells us he’ll consider our proposal to retrieve the riches from Giza
    • We are asked to return at 10 am tomorrow
  • Monk and Chunk stop by the ship later
    • We are offered 100 pounds for the device
    • As they’re being removed from the ship, they provide a last offer to release all of our captured ships

The following morning

  • We head over to HQ
  • We meet with John Fleming again
    • Command isn’t sure that this device will actually yield the supposed treasures
    • However, someone higher up convinced the Commodore’s superiors to buy into the mission
    • A team of archeologists will join us, but first order of command is to secure Nelson’s supply lines
      • Archeologists: William Smith, Dudley Rider
  • We head over to the Royal Archeological Society with 20 marines
    • They’re bringing quite a bit of materials, many trunks of stuff
  • Upon returning to the ship, Thor sends someone out to retrieve a safe for his cabin
  • We stock up with supplies, including those for our Eqypt expedition

We arrive at Gibralter after a week on the high seas

  • We dock and speak with HQ
    • Information on Nelson: he may be en route to Italy; if Napolean not found, then to Alexandria
  • We decided to stay two days and give half the crew shore leave for each day
    • Max sends a marine guard to protect the archeologists as they hike

After an uneventful night, we’re greeted by another lovely day

  • The archeologists return in the morning, but appear to be staggering a bit
    • Max asks the marines for a report: the archeologists did some hiking followed by a lot of drinking at a pub
  • Another uneventful day

We get underway the following day

  • No news from HQ on Nelson
  • We head out on our way to Alexandria
  • Three days into our trip, the crow’s nest calls out, “Ahoy, ship to the west!”
    • Ship is flying the Union Jack
    • As the ship approaches, the crew appears to be British
    • Thor, Blackeye and Eoghan notice that something doesn’t seem right about their approach
      • It appears that their guns are manned
    • We challenge the other ship and ask their intentions
      • They respond that they are The Amazon and ask, “Intentions?”
      • We do recall a ship by this name, matching this description, in the Royal Navy
      • We ask the name of the captain and that they stand down their guns
      • They continue to chase us and the situation seems quite irregular
      • They again state, “We are The Amazon. Who are you?”
      • They turn and fire at us, causing imperceptible damage to us
  • The Ambuscade vs. The Amazon
    • We come within short range and open a full broadside
      • We get a solid hit on their hull
    • They return fire and get a decent hit on us
    • We get lighter hit on them
    • The Amazon gets within point blank range and gets a nasty hit on us
    • We return another light hit
    • We notice a man on Amazon’s deck, attempting to conceal himself: Fawlks!!!
    • Amazon gets an devastating hit on Ambuscade
      • Our wheel is disabled, and we have 15 minutes until we’re completely sunk
    • We return a massive hit to Amazon, which may be our last shot to them
      • They’ve also lost steering, but they are not yet sinking
    • Thor rallies our crew to get another shot into Amazon, but it still floats
    • Another light shot hits them; they’re barely afloat
  • We grab our necessities and climb into the boats
    • Reginald grabs his weapons, money, spyglass and a bottle of scotch – never forget the scotch!



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