Heart of Oak


Note from the GM:

  • We will get paid out on our prizes in about 1 year, 77 months, and 9 years for the 3 ships, respectively

In our little rowboats, watching The Ambuscade sink

  • She slowly sinks into the warm waters of the Mediterranian
  • We look around and it seems that we probably have about 120 seamen and 20 marines that survived with us
    • Survivors include: Mather Thompson, Salamander Vico, John Drake, Thaddeus Dodd, Paul Berard, the archeologists
  • Last known position: off the coast of Libya, near the east coast of Tripoli
    • There have been numerous coups in Libya, but it’s currently independent
    • Tripolitania is one part of Libya, which has great influence over the rest of Libya
    • The archeologists speak passing Arabic, which is the local language
  • The officers assist with providing first aid to the wounded
  • We begin rowing to the nearest shore, attempting to keep the group together
    • Soon, a fog begins creeping in and envelopes us almost before we noticed it
    • Jorgen and Reg work to keep the boats together before we’re lost in the fog, but we’ve already lost the others
  • After a couple hours, we hear birds and begin to make out the shoreline
  • Upon landing, we proceed to build a fire
  • We designate watch shifts for the night
    • Morale seems low, but the men get some rest during an uneventful night

The day breaks and the fog is gone

  • We scan the sea for the remainder of our crew, but find no one
  • A rowboat is set on stilts to create a shaded shelter
  • William Morton Pitt, one of our crewman, digs up some water near one of the trees
  • Thor sends most of the crew to try spear fishing, and Drake takes Jorgen and Reg hunting
    • Hunting is a bust, and fishing yields a small amount of food
  • Thor decides that we will attempt to proceed eastward (is this supposed to be westward?), via rowboat at night
    • After about an hour, we come upon what appears to be a small fishing village
    • We decided to pull into the village
  • William Smith interprets for us and speaks with the village chief, Ali Zaiden
    • Ali welcomes us and tells us we’re their guests
    • Ali offers us some food, clay water vessels and fishing nets
    • Thor offers the 1-inch musketoon and our coins
    • Ali feeds us and gives us coffee
    • As we’re about to leave, Ali asks if we were part of the ship that beached about 15 miles east of us
  • We assume this ship is The Amazon, and we decide to head back east
    • About 5 hours later, as dawn is breaking, we see the mast of a beached ship
  • We get to shore and prepare a shelter for the day

The bright part of the day is uneventful

  • Max and Drake begin doing reconnaissance at night – the moon is full
    • Head out along the desert on the other side of the scrub line
    • When they get closer, there are no fires, no smoke, no sign of people
    • The Amazon appears to have crashed and is sitting at an angle
    • Max and Drake get right up to the ship
      • There are bodies of Englishmen scattered around the ship, but none are our crew
      • Some are in British uniforms, some are wearing civilian clothes
      • There are weapon wounds: swords, knives, spears
        • The spear broken off in one body is not a spear that would be found on a British ship
      • There are tracks heading away from the ship
      • Drake assesses that it was probably a surprise attack, and survivors were dragged off to the southeast
      • Fawlks’ body is not among the dead
    • Max enters the captain’s quarters through the splintered door
      • The room is devastated: papers strewn about, furniture smashed, an axe smashed into the wall
    • Max enters the lieutenants’ quarters
      • Again, everything has been torn apart
    • Passengers’ quarters
      • 6 rooms are empty
      • 2 of the 8 rooms have been torn apart
  • Max and Drake return to camp and inform us
    • We decide to head over to the ship the next day
    • 4 guards are posted in shifts for the remainder of the night

The next day, we prepare to head east in our rowboats

  • Thor and Blackeye notice that William Pitt is missing from our crew
    • Was last seen being relieved from guard duty
  • Because we can’t find Pitt, we assume he’s already gone to The Amazon, and we begin heading off
  • We arrive at the ship
    • Jorgen estimates 6+ weeks to get the ship seaworthy with our available resources
  • Thor sends off most of us to fish or guard, while the officers search the ship
    • In addition to the battle damage, there’s the damage to the rooms and someone broke into the hold
    • In the hold, it looks like everything’s been opened and ransacked
    • In crew quarters, hammocks are cut up, foot lockers smashed, everything is ransacked
    • From the captain’s log, we determine the ship was commissioned by Mandrake with Fawlks as captain
      • The Amazon is, indeed, a Royal Navy ship, crewed by navy sailors
      • The orders appear to be dated about the time that we left on this mission
  • Decision is to repair the ship
    • Guards in the crow’s nest in shifts, a couple folks fishing and collecting water, the rest working on the ship
    • Repairs are progressing, albeit slowly

We decide to head back to Ali and try to get more supplies

  • We offer two rowboats and a cannon with powder and some balls
  • Ali likes this and agrees to providing us with food for a month and some simple tools
  • As we return to our ship
    • We see someone in a bright purple robe from head to foot, swinging an axe at the jacks supporting our ship
      • 5 musket shots destroy him
    • As we get to the beach, we see another fellow in purple robes with a spear and shield
      • Max approaches with marines and indicates that the man should drop his weapons
      • Purple Man stands without dropping his weapons
      • William Smith doesn’t understand what the man is saying, but Purple Man seems to understand some Arabic
      • Purple Man says it’s his boat, something about his people taking / capturing / trading for the boat
    • Purple Man refuses to drop his weapons, and attempts to run off
      • Max orders the marines to shoot Purple Man, who is torn apart by musket fire
      • Thaddeus is distraught, pulls the cloth from the man’s face, remarks how young he was and asks why we had to kill him
    • The marines shoot down a camel that probably belonged to them; we’ll eat well tonight

We resume ship repairs without the need to fish

  • One night, we see a figure in the distance, attempting to conceal himself
    • It’s about 1:00 AM when we notice him and he doesn’t seem to leave until about 5:30
    • In the morning, we check out the area and we find where he was hanging out, with footprints heading off to the east
  • We decide to try tracking where this mysterious fellow headed off to
    • Max, Reg and Drake head out and follow the trail east through the scrub, where it cuts southeast through the desert
    • We follow the tracks southeast maybe 2.5 – 3 miles and from the top of a dune, we see what seems to be a nomadic village
      • Tents, men / women / children dressed in robes of purple and other colors, camels and other animals
      • Max notices one tent with men standing with spears & shields, backs to the tent
      • About 20 – 30 tents, 80 – 100 people about half of which appear to be adult male, lots of camels, a well, no obvious firearms
  • We report to Thor
    • Will have Max and Drake concealed tonight, waiting for our visitor to return
    • Jorgen readies cannons, just in case

About midnight, Thor sees a head and Reg rings a bell once to inform Max and Drake

  • Max and Drake sneak around to the other dune… they’re spotted!
    • The Berber scout throws a spear at Drake and misses
    • Drake starts sprinting toward the Berber scout
    • The Berber pulls out a sword as Drake and Max arrive, nicking Drake across the abdomen
    • Max and Drake both get solid hits with the flats of their blades
    • A follow up hit by Max renders the Berber unconscious
  • The officers are all astounded that our plan actually worked!
  • We awaken the scout and William Smith begins questioning Muttasim, our captive
    • Muttasim claims that two of his people are missing and if harm comes to his people, the Berber’s English captives will die
    • Claims that they have 1 “prince” and 10 of his “subjects”
    • We describe Fawlks and Muttasim confirms that it’s the “prince”
    • We try to explain that this is our ship, stolen by Fawlks, and that we’re reclaiming it
    • Muttasim states that this is their ship, given to them by Fawlks
    • We’re told to visit the Berber chief in the morning, where we’ll be his guest and our safety will be guaranteed
  • Decision is the tow The Amazon out and move down the coast
    • We release Muttasim, telling him that we’ll meet with his leader in a day
    • Muttasim heads off, and we begin readying the ship for departure
    • We will head back to the fishing village and try to effect further repairs there



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