Heart of Oak


The End

We’re at the large room with the four hallways, assessing where to go

  • Max feels that the cat statue may be faced in a “protective” stance and the treasure may be down the hallway behind it
  • We search, but don’t find anything of interest
  • We decide to follow Max’s suggestion
    • Thor tries to mark the corridor we left and the one we’re planning to enter, but there is some confusion about the directions
    • We eventually agree on the hallway that we entered, but are curious if dust or gases here are causing hallucinations
  • Proceeding down the hall
    • After walking for a way, it seems like the hallway is getting brighter
    • As we get closer to the light, we think we’re hearing voices of people speaking
    • Soon, we become aware of the smell of burnt gunpowder
    • Now, we seem to smell blood
    • We approach a massive, well-lit room * so bright that it takes our eyes a moment to adjust
  • The massive room contains four entrances
    • By the entrance to our right stands a ragged band of about a dozen Spanish soldiers, with more dead or wounded on the ground
    • Near the entrance across from us stands a band of about a dozen French soldiers in similar shape, also with dead and wounded
    • Curled up on the ground near the left entrance is a person in a British naval uniform, with long, flowing, blonde hair
    • In the center of the room is a large mechanical device with levers, which seems similar to our key
      • Surrounding the machine are 4 warriors in white uniforms with capes and embroidered gold crosses
    • One of the white warriors looks at us with familiarity, greets us, and commences with a speech to us
  • Thor, Blackeye and Max head over to the machine after being requested to join the white warriors
    • Reg initially refuses and questions the sanity of the rest of the group, but follows Thor’s command to join them
  • The French call out that they have the key and they’ll destroy us
  • The Spanish call out similarly, and also appeal to any Catholics
  • Max heads over to the British navyman, presumed to be Fawlks
    • As Max is about to poke Fawlks with a sword, Fawlks jumps up, startling Max
    • Fawlks attempts to slash Max with a sword that was concealed beneath him
    • Max and Fawlks commence battle, with Fawlks getting in an initial, painful blow
    • Max hits Fawlks back with a devastating hit to his right arm, dazing Fawlks
    • Jorgan fires at Fawlks, hitting him in the right shoulder, but Fawlks still stands
    • Reg shoots Fawlks in the left knee, and Fawlks is now staggering like a drunkard
    • Max takes him down with a follow up hit to Fawlks’ shin, eventually running him through

The greater battle begins

  • The French and Spanish begin firing at our group
    • The volley hits both Blackeye and Thor
  • Thor attempts to install the key into the machine
    • One of the white warriors tells him to stop and begins moving toward Thor
    • The warrior shoots Thor and then pins Thor’s arm behind his back
    • Reg tries to attack the warrior, but the sword becomes entangled in the brawling and Reg drops his sword
    • As the warrior marches Thor away from the machine, Reg approaches and picks up the key
  • Thor breaks free from his manhandler after a reverse head-butt
  • Another white warrior pulls two pistols and shoots Blackeye in the chest with both barrels
  • Thor shoots his opponent only to have his arm again pinned after drawing his sword
  • The French and Spanish approach and start falling to the white warriors
  • One warrior slashes at Blackeye as Reginald completes the installation of the key
  • It appears that one of the French is also installing a key
  • Fighting continues as Reg drops down from atop the machine, falling onto the lever
    • The lever moves most of the way down, but seems to have stopped just a few inches from its lowest position
  • Almost all the French are down and one of the warriors removes our key and throws it down the hallway
  • Max attacks the warrior adjacent to Reg, as Reg is trying to complete the lever movement
    • Reg wrenches the lever down with all his weight
    • The room seems to grow quiet as the warriors cry out, “No!!! Why did you do that???”

The End



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