Log of Captain Franco Prospero


In the Year of Our Lord, 1798

(One week ago)
Left Port El Ferrol with sealed orders. Curiously stamped with Vicarius Christi Pius VI seal. Set sail for South East England.

(Three days ago)
Off the coast of Cornwall, opened orders. We are to infiltrate Carderby Castle and liberate the Philosopher’s stone from Baron Bennett Tillman for his Holy Highness. I have no idea what a Philosopher’s stone looks like so have ordered the men going ashore to bring back all religious and alchemical items they come across.Will take up a position not far from castle.

(Two days ago)
Set boat and crew to scout the area around castle. The Baron has a frighteningly large army outside his gates. By what madness does such a man need such a force? Two of the more educated landing crew spied a building to be further investigated.

(One day ago)
The men think they have narrowed down the search area. Tomorrow we will retrieve the item and return to Spain.
V.I.T.R.I.O.L. ??


Log of Captain Franco Prospero

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