Heart of Oak


The first morning… (sometime after April in 1797)
We awaken from loud banging, hear jungle sounds, see bars in front of us

  • Where the hell are we???
  • We were in the St. George and the Dragon, a seedy pub
  • We were recruited onto the new ship brigantine Robin
    • Headed toward the New World to attack and pillage Spanish settlements
    • Captained by Lord Cecil Mandrake
      • Head of the East India Company
  • The plan was probably foiled by Spanish spies
    • Three ships: the Snow, Elizabeth’s Vengeance, the Robin
    • Diversion at Ciudad Vargas, to be executed by the Robin
      • We weren’t wild about the plan, particularly the ground-pounding aspect since we’re sailors
      • But we had our orders for a long overland march
      • Plan to meet the skeleton crew of the Robin farther down the coast
      • Heat, humidity, sweat soaking clothes, insects, vicious jungle vegetation, boot-grabbing mud
      • Three days of trudging through jungle
      • A horde of savage Spaniards attacked us with devastating results
        • Retreating Royal Navy men attacked by piranhas while re-crossing the river, in addition to musket balls
      • Indigenous indians attacked us on the far side of the river
      • Our group were survived, but were taken prisoner

We were force marched over a long trail and eventually deposited into the cellar of a building

  • Three guards
    • One particularly corpulent guard appears to be the leader
    • Second is moderate build, but appears to be a sadistic menace
    • Third is older, wizened looking, stiff leg
  • Six cells
    • Cell 1 has 4 indians, appear to be broken, dejected, freshly beaten, no warpaint
      • Max asks, in Spanish, who they are and what’s going on
      • They seem to not speak much Spanish, turn away from us
    • Cell 3 has 3 fellow seamen, friendly, who we don’t recognize; 1 more lying down, appears to be dying of fever
      • Alfred “Crackers” Tomlins, fierce brawler, gunner aboard Snow
      • Walter “What” Padget, common gunner aboard Snow
      • “Tarball” McWort, nearly comatose
      • Milo, common gunner aboard Snow
    • Cell 6 has man and boy, fellow seamen, unknown to us; boy appears to be in shock
      • “Boats” Gleeson, chief bosun mate aboard Snow
      • “Boy Tom”, cabin boy from Snow
    • Cell 5 has 5 seamen, studying us closely
      • Not a talkative bunch… ignore us and seem somewhat unfriendly
      • “Crackers” tells us that they are Mr. Monk, Cletus “Chunk” Bratcher, Capt. Hawksworth Fawkes
    • Cell 2 contains our party of 4
  • No windows, lighted by oil lamps, walls and floor are slick with sooty dew
  • Bars are very solid, seem well secured, cell door has built-in lock

Over the next few days

  • We are fed on a regular basis, morning, noon and night
    • Very little food: bucket of gruel
    • Crazy old man brings us our meals, who is watched closely by the guards
      • Billy Quid, stoop-shouldered, seems to enjoy mocking us in English
      • Guards grab a blunderbus during mealtime
  • Jorgan calls out to the guard in Spanish, asks what they want with us
    • Two grab blunderbuses, open the door, orders us out of the cell
    • The third swears in Spanish, grabs two pistols
    • We are thrown into cell 5 with Fawkes’ group
  • Lunch comes and Fawkes tells us they won’t share their food with us
    • Jorgan confronts Monk, fight ensues
      • Monk takes more damage than us before the guards break up the fight
      • Guards take to drinking and discussing the fight

The imprisonment continues

  • One day, some well-dressed men (2 civilians, 2 military) inspect the prisoners
    • Jorgan picked to provide “entertainment” for the well-dressed men

Some day later, we are led outside

  • Came from Building A, being led to Building E
  • Other buildings
    • Building appears to be the main house
    • F, unsure what it is… single story
    • C may be stables
    • D may be a storehouse
    • Billy later tells us that H is a guard house and B is a ruined building
  • There are a number of guards scattered about
    • A dozen men around the area, armed with muskets
    • We recognize one of the affluent Spanish men on the balcony as one of the visitors from the prior day
    • We also notice a number of men from the Royal Navy, including Fawkes
      • Fawkes is unbound and forced to battle a man from the Robin with swords
      • Fawkes takes down the larger opponent in a blurred display of masterful swordsmanship
    • Jorgan is paired against Brent from the Snow
      • Jorgan dispatches his arrogant foe
    • We left tied up outside in the hot sun to watch the rest of the fights
    • Jorgan overhears the guards talking
      • “most of the English being captured, battle should be over soon”
      • “not worried about security at the hacienda”
      • The soldiers here “are not trained warriors like those still scouring the hills”

Later that evening

  • Bloat is outside, while Ferret and Sally are guzzling wine
  • Billy takes down Sally and Ferret
    • Bloat arrives and is shot down by Billy
  • Billy talks with and releases the indians
  • Billy demands “terms” from us before releasing us, ignores Fawkes
    • Was a privateer, ship destroyed in storm, enslaved to Don Diego Guzman (landowner of this patch)
    • Need to head to Vargas, take a ship and sail to Port Royale
      • Jorgan believes that Billy isn’t telling us the whole truth
  • We bind Sally and interrogate him
    • Jorgan asks where our “stuff” is or weapons, whatever; Sally’s response is mostly useless
    • Reginald relieves Sally of his suffering and takes his uniform
  • Billy tells us that we’ll have to kill everyone in this camp in order to ensure our success
    • Reginald plans to mitigate the risk of the Capt. Fawkes and his mates by setting a fire in the cellar to suffocate them

We leave the cell house

  • Very windy, fast moving clouds occasionally cover a very bright moon
  • Max spies into the barracks, hears 6-8 men and probably 5 women, they sound inebriated
  • Max notices a very large dog in one of the horse stalls in the stable, along with two horses
  • We approach the barracks and take down the first Spaniard who steps out to use the latrine
  • When someone steps out to help Pedro and we take him down, the others grab weapons
  • Ultimately, we defeat the threats in the barracks
    • Reginald takes the rapier
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