Heart of Oak


Early morning

  • Max and Thor both receive messages
  • Reg hears voices from the hold, recognizes Salamander Vico
    • A few crewmen are arguing with Vico
    • They claim that Vico has been shorting them, overcharging them, and watering down the beer
    • Reg also feels that the food on ship is horrible
  • On deck, we hear William Burke cursing as he walks up to the deck, and he appears to be leaving the ship
    • It seems that Burke is being dismissed and Thor already has a replacement in the works
  • Before heading out to pick up a new sailing master, Thor stops to speak with Vico
    • As far as we non-accountant types can tell, the books appear to be in order
    • Thor states that he will provide an assistant for Vico
      • We assign Paul Berard, a young crewman who has a decent education
    • Thor also warns him that the quality of the food must improve, and that Vico will get only one warning

Thor marches off to meet with the Commodore John Fleming

  • Meanwhile, the rest of us prepare the ship and crew
  • Reginald heads out and picks up a half week of supplies, a pig, a dozen rabbits, and a barrel of good beer
  • The commodore’s attache, Robert Squire, greets Thor
  • A door opens and lieutenant Eoghan O’Malley enters
    • Robert introduces Thor to Eoghan, states that Eoghan will be the new sailing master
  • Thor asks if there is any additional intel for our mission
    • He receives a terse, condescending response
      -Thor and Eoghan begin the trek back to the Dolphin
    • Thor hears what sounds like Vico in a heated discussion
    • Vico is near a gambling shop, surrounded by 4 ruffians
      • One states, “Vico… you owe us… pay up!”
    • As Thor continues past, the leader of the group insults Thor
      • The fires and brimstone of Hell will soon rain down upon the heads of these thugs
    • Thor whacks the leader on the head, grazing him but strongly demonstrating his intent
    • The thugs waste their energies trying to hit our noble Captain and Sailing Master
    • The leader lunges at Thor and misses, allowing Thor to easily thrust his broadsword into the fellow’s chest
    • Shortly thereafter, the thugs surrender and Thor questions them
      • Vico owes 100 pounds
      • Thor orders Vico to fall in as they head out, the authority in Thor’s voice leaves the ruffians stunned

We leave port

  • We leave dock without scraping anything, and make good time
  • The crew enjoys the good meal and the extra ration of beer
  • Paul Berard reports that Vico wasn’t actually cooking the books… all illegal activity is accurately documented
  • As we pass Carberby Castle, we are close enough to verify the ships at the dock with our spy glasses
    • Same two ships, appear to have a skeleton crew aboard
  • We pass the fishing village and put the longboats in a couple miles past the village
    • The 5 lieutenants take along 5 of the best marines
    • After hiding the boat, we begin heading northeast
      • The terrain is mostly rolling hills and relatively easy going
      • We eventually pass some land that has been allocated for farming

We approach the village north of the castle

  • Mostly a farming community
  • We approach The Pig and Whistle, a local watering hole
    • Very simple tavern, big fire, but there’s a bar and that’s what’s important
    • We are greeted by the presumed owners, a middle aged man and woman behind the bar
    • We enjoy the beer and mutton
    • We inquire about the baron hiring fighting men
      • They haven’t seen the baron in 10 years, since his wife died
      • The baron’s man Stokes comes around to pick up supplies
        • Stokes is middle aged, barrel chested, bald on top
      • More complaints about poxes, missing children, poor fishing, all blamed on the baron
      • The baron is a middle aged man, wiry, carries himself like a military man
  • We enter the Overturned Apple Cart, another local tavern
    • This one’s about the same as the last tavern
    • We chat with the barmaid about the baron, asking essentially the same questions
      • We get basically the same responses
      • We find out about some paintings that were done of the Conker Festival, which may contain an image of the baron
  • We start heading back to the troops and note that the shop, wherein the paintings are located, is closed

We begin heading toward the castle

  • We get close enough to see the castle and realize that the moat doesn’t completely surround the castle
  • On the cliff side, the moat has a gap
  • There appear to be two cannons in each tower, so four would bear upon our ship in the harbor
  • In the valley a bit north of the castle, we see scores and scores of tents and campfires
  • Archie and George get us really close to the castle
    • We notice a really bad odor coming from the castle, emanating from the area on map labeled as “noxious fumes”
  • We assess the rear of the castle and determine that we will use the unlighted tower above the gate as our entry point

We head away from the castle and concoct our plan

  • 16 marines will accompany we 5 lieutenants and enter via the rear gate
    • Proposal is to have a couple guys swim in the moat and come up behind the guards
    • Ascend the dark tower using grappling hooks and pre-knotted rope
  • 5 men on a ridge northwest of the castle will fire upon the army camped north of the castle
    • They’ll retreat when the mercenaries close in
  • The other 29 will take longboats into the harbor and capture the sloop and brig in the harbor
    • Ships will be towed out into the sea via the longboats
  • We camp for the night
    • During the night, a marine awakens us because of a noise, which seems to be nothing

The next morning

  • Reg and Blackeye head over to the farm supply store to check out the paintings of the conker fest
    • Blackeye is very impressed by the primitive paintings… he buys 3
    • He does succesfully obtain a halfway decent portrait of the baron
  • Reg and Blackeye head back to the others, and we head off for the boat
  • We reach the longboat before 10 and decide to wait on the shore for the Dolphin
  • The Dolphin eventually arrives and drops anchor; we return to the ship



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