Jørgen "Blackeye" Hawkins



Dad: Evans Hawkins

Dad was Customs Officers.

Taught me sailing, navigation, boat repair, shooting

Mom: Jan van Hawkins

Mom died after child birth

Me: Jørgen “Blackeye” Hawkins

Me & My Personality

Born and raised in the city of Blackpool, from the Lancaster region of England Rash, don’t like taking order from inept captains, sometime belligerent, but extremely good at my job. I often get into arguments with my superiors over poor planning. This explains why I didn’t get promoted because of my attitude and why I moved from shipping region to region. The crew loves me because I fight for them and treat them fairly, which was a rarity on many of the ships I’ve served on. I really detest people using their position to hurt others. Loving and caring attitude towards my ship. I often treat her as a daughter I never had. Being that I was slow and weak, I was often picked on as a kid and young adult. That was how I came to earn the nickname “Blackeye”. Getting into fights with people but almost always losing. I was never good at fighting but firearms came naturally to me.

Why I joined the Navy

Got in a pistol duel, over a girl(Abigail MacLeod), and killed the son of a prominent politician, Nicolaes Witsen. I went into the navy to escape the blowback even though it was legal. After I left, Nicolaes Witsen decided to take out his anger on my dad and caused many hardships on him. My dad died 7 years later, which I believe was the result of the additional hardships placed on him. Abigail committed suicide after she lost both lovers.


I would like revenge on Nicolaes Witsen for what he put my father, Abigail and myself through, but in the end, I used the Navy to escape. I now have nothing left there anymore so the Navy is my Family and Life. No desire anymore to get married and have a family of my own. I have no desire to rise above the ranks of captain and am not driven by money. I want to live and die on my vessel.

Jørgen "Blackeye" Hawkins

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