Reginald Winton

Handsome straight white male seeks adventure


24 years of age, as of the middle of 1797
5 feet, 8 inches in height, about 10 stone in weight, wiry
Comely looks, light brown hair


Reginald is the second son of James and Harriet Winton, a proper Protestant family from Berkshire.

James, a retired commander in the English navy, passed away 5 years ago. Robert, the eldest son, was killed in a freak ox-cart accident while away at school about 3 months after. Reginald’s younger brother, Hamish, and two younger sisters have helped Harriet cope with the losses while Reginald has been at sea.

Reginald, raised as somewhat of a gentleman, received a good education before entering the service at 16 as a midshipman. Reginald has aged 24 years as of the date of the commencement of our adventure. He is now a rather handsome man of average height and wiry build, looking to prove himself. The deaths of his father and brother have affected him and he recognizes that life is short and one must take it by the horns or risk leaving behind a short, empty life, bereft of any tangible legacy.

Reginald Winton

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