The Dolphin

British Sloop


Guns: 18 Decks: 1 Crew: 12 Hull: 18 L.Guns: 1 Carronades: 6 Draft: 8 Wind: 2 Sail: III Turn: 3

Guns, number of guns on ship
Crew, value in factors, 1 factor about 10 men
Hull, hull factors or ship hit points
L.Guns, broadside factors, X denotes value for larboard, value for starboard
Carronades, broadside factors
Draft, the amount of water in feet required for a ship to float
Wind, the number of compass points a vessel must sail from the wind
Sail, the sailing chart used to calculate movement
Turn, the turn allowance of the ship expressed in compass points per turn

Average speed 5 – 10 knots ( 6 – 12 mph)



Thor is acting captain
Reginald is second lieutenant
Max is in charge of the marines
Edward Morgan marine sergeant
50 marines on board
Blackeye is in charge of guns
Eoghan O’Malley is Sailing master
The one actually sailing the ship
Interpreted captain’s orders

Surgeon: Mather Thompson
Warrant officer
Purser: Salamander Vico
Warrant officer
Redeems the tickets issues crew in lieu of pay
Purchases rations, water, spirits
Boatswain: John Drake
Warrant officer
Responsible for the overall discipline and tone of the ship
Takes care of boats, sails, rigging, colours, anchors, cables
Gunner: Phil Acton
Warrant officer
Responsible for the maintenance of ship’s armament and stores of ammunition
Gunner’s mate: Stephen Merrills
Warrant officer
Minister: Thaddeus Dod

The People

Robert Clayton: bow hunter
Henry Poley:
Thomas Dodson:
Stephen Hervey:
Paul Burrard: Vico’s assistant

The Dolphin

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