Thorrington Rathbone Bushwood

I am a bastard.


Bastard son of a bastard son, my father was also in the navy, retired at Captain. Of low status, I harbor a deep resentment of those born into power and nobility. My virile countenance and happy disposition hide my secrets. My greatest desire is to become one of the nobility, using my service in the navy as a stepping stone into high society, I will plan to scheme, swindle, impersonate, and do whatever it takes to reach my goal of becoming a noble, English or other.

In my eight years of service as a seaman and mid-shipman, I served in Gibraltar, East Indies, North America, and West Mediterranean. In the East Indies, I served on a secret mission which allowed me to hone my forgery skills and open my eyes to the possibility of actually furthering my goal of leaving my low status behind me forever. Now Lt., and Commander of the Dolphin, a sloop with an excellent and able bodied crew, I and my companions will scour the seas for enemies of the Crown.


Thorrington Rathbone Bushwood

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